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About Us

WSMB Imports specializes in exquisitely handcrafted furniture and decor in premium quality Wood, Stone, Metal and Bone.


Our timeless designs highlight the beauty of natural elements with uniquely patterned marble and stone, carved mango and acacia wood, distinctly textured iron and brass, and intricately inlaid bone.


Founded by Kevin Stephens, an industry insider with over 25 years of experience, WSMB Imports offers today’s designs to become tomorrow’s antiques.

How to Buy

We bring limited edition collections twice a year to Round Top, TX during the Spring and Fall Antiques Show. You can visit us and see & shop our collections at Northfield Gate in Warrenton.


By eliminating warehousing costs, extravagant marketing budgets, and sourcing directly from our trusted manufacturers, WSMB Imports offers high-end furniture at fair and accessible prices.


All designs are available only in limited quantities and once something has sold out, it may not be back again for a while or at all. So, if you really love something, make sure and pick it up! 


You can also find selected products at:

The Plumed Serpent


You can see what we’ll be bringing to Round Top a few weeks before each show by browsing our Wood, Stone, Metal and Bone collections online. All items will be available online for pre-sale and you can reserve your selections by going through our online catalog and sending a request to purchase for any item you want to buy. You will be emailed an invoice to complete payment and your item will be ready for you to pick-up at Round Top.


If you are unable to pick-up your purchase at Round Top, independent shipping services are available at Round Top with various logistics companies that will pick-up your package and ship to your doorstep across the continental United States.


Got more questions?

Contact us with your query and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

WSMB Imports Founder
Kevin Stephens
Founder - WSMB Imports

Our Founder

WSMB Imports was founded by Kevin Stephens, an industry insider who lived and worked in Jaipur, India for over 16 years. 


After a successful and exciting debut at Round Top in 2021, Kevin launched WSMB Imports to share his passion for fine crafted furniture made slow, by human hands. All the collections featured on WSMB Imports are curated to reflect a passion for natural elements, design that doesn’t go out of style, and quality that creates heirlooms.

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